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Magali Buhrer, Gestalt thérapeute et Superviseure

Horse Facilitated Self-Discovery Day

Mindful Encounter with Horses

A Horse Facilitated Self-Discovery Day

Friday July 26th or Friday August 2nd


Magpie Centre, Norfolk near Downham Market

in English, co-facilitated by C. Grist (MA, PA psych, EFL cert), Magali Buhrer (MA, Dip psychotherapy EAP cert) and Horses !

The way we see and experience ourselves is often coloured by all our past experiences and what we observe of ourselves and give importance to, is related to that. It leaves us with old and limiting beliefs keeping us away from who we are in the present moment. Horse do not care for our stories or judge us. They will feel us, will pick uo on authentic cues that we ourselves might miss and will reflect the truth of the interaction.

Our genuine inner self is no temporal, neither past nor future, ​and beyond the noise of our thoughts and verbal language, we can reach it within a mindful encounter with horses.

This process stimulates the felt sense of being, helps us to reconnect with our essential self beyond labels and limitations, making clear that authenticity is the gateway to a meaningful life and choices.

What happens during the day ?

You will meet the herd, then work directly with the horses learning about yourself by engaging with them and reflecting on your feelings and patterns as they arise.
We will work holistically with feelings, thoughts, sensations and will experience our impact first-hand in a non-judgemental and vivid process .
This workshop is open to anybody who is drawn to the sentient beings we know as horses. No prior experience with horses is necessary and no riding is required.
The only “equipment” needed is a pair of sturdy shoes or boots and comfortable clothes, suitable for the weather on the day, as part of the work is outdoor.
Claudia and Magali designed each activity and allow each person to work at their own rythm and level.
The group with ethical ground rules is a confidential, non-judgmental and secure environment to share our experiences.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Venue : Magpie Centre close to Downham Market.  Directions will be provided on booking.

As we are launching our activities at the Magpie Centre, we are offering an introductory price : 110£ for the day (for concession please ask)

Booking (50£ deposit to secure your place) /Enquiries : call Magali 07767673431 or email